Our Story

Boone-Central Title Company's "roots" grow deep in Boone County's historical past. Our HISTORY began when Todd and Bayless Abstract opened its doors in 1898 and later became known as Bayless Abstract Company owned and operated by William K. Bayless.

In 1931 Daniel Boone County Abstract Company purchased the title plant and assets of Bayless Abstract. Manley Daniel was the original President and managing officer with offices in what is now known as the Guitar Building, downtown on 8th street.

In 1960 Central MO Abstract and Title Company was founded by Ralph and Ed Gordon and opened for business in the historic Tiger Hotel Building. Betty Quisenberry was named manager in 1964 and remained in that position until the 1990s.

Both companies shared a solid COMMITMENT to producing accurate and complete title insurance policies in the shortest possible time by maintaining complete title plants comprised of geographical indices of all property in Boone County. The friendly competition continued throughout the 1980s as both added complete closing and escrow services.

In 1991 the two companies decided to join forces and formed Boone-Central Title Company and opened for business in its current location, the Executive Building, on Broadway. Today, we are the only title company in our region that completes title searches using our state of the art title plant that dates back to the government patents. Boone- Central Title Company's ongoing EXCELLENCE is defined by our experienced and highly trained staff, many of whom are long-term employees of the original partner companies.

The goal of Boone-Central Title Company is to ensure all of the parties in real estate transactions that the transfer of real estate can be completed with a maximum degree of efficiency, security and cost effectiveness. In other words, we want to be the best title company in the world!!