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Boone-Central Title Company's "roots" grow deep in Boone County's historical past. Our history began when Todd and Bayless Abstract opened its doors in 1898 and later became known as Bayless Abstract Company, owned and operated by William K. Bayless. The company was later purchased by Daniel Boone County Abstract Company, headquartered in what is known as the Guitar Building on 8th Street. In 1960, Central MO Abstract was founded and opened for business in the Historic Tiger Hotel. In 1991, the two companies joined forces and formed Boone-Central Title Company, located in our current location, the Executive Building on Broadway.


Boone-Central Title Company is committed to maintaining and safeguarding the property rights of our customers, past and present! We are the only title company in our region that completes title searches using our state-of-the-art title plant that dates back to the government patents. This title plant is comprised of geographical indices of all property in Boone County!


Boone-Central Title Company's ongoing excellence is defined by our experienced and highly trained staff, many of whom are long-term employees of the original partner companies. Our staff brings with them over 425 years of experience in the title industry. We strive to create an efficient, inclusive and supportive working environment where no task is left undone and transactions are completed seamlessly.

Boone-Central Title Company

Boone-Central Title Company is licensed to do the business of insurance in the State of Missouri.
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