A seamless real estate transaction involves collaboration between multiple dedicated teams that work tirelessly behind the scenes. At Boone-Central Title, each department has a crucial role in ensuring that your experience is exemplary, from contract to closing (and beyond!).

Order Entry Team

Our order entry team plays a pivotal role in your real estate transaction. This team serves as your first point of contact at our company after you have gone under contract. This team is responsible for converting all client/agent provided information into a standard format within our company’s system. This includes inputting property details, agent information, sales price, earnest money amounts, buyer names, seller names, and any lender information that we are given at the time of the order. After reading through the contract, and addressing any concerns with the agent, they will then assign the file to a closer as well as a research team member.

Research Team

Our research team is the bridge between our order entry team and our title examiners for your real estate transaction. This team is responsible for running a search of your property in our Geographic Index by both property address and parties, using our extensive tract books and online plant.  After the property has been searched, this team will scour the County Recorder’s Office for documents pertaining to the property as well as any State and Federal Tax Liens that may have been filed. After checking with the County Recorder, the research team will then search the names that are listed in the chain of title on Casenet for any judgments or additional liens such as tax liens, mechanic’s liens, divorces, child support liens, probates and various other liens that are filed in the Circuit Court.  The buyer’s and seller’s names are next searched in a platform for public access to court electronic records (PACER) for both open and closed Bankruptcies. If there is anything clouding your title, our research team will investigate it, so that we can ensure a smooth closing with no hiccups further down the road. 

Examination Team

Once the research team is finished with their search, the file is passed along to our title examiners. Our title examiners verify the findings of the research team and use that information to prepare a title commitment. The title commitment is a document that summarizes the findings from our title search. The first section of the commitment, Section A, shows the proposed title insurance policies, the vested owner, and the legal description of the property.  The next section, Schedule B1 shows any lien releases,  judgment satisfactions and any other clouds on your title that will be required to clear in order for us to issue your title insurance. The examiners also list any standard and special exclusions from coverage on the title commitment in Schedule B2. These exclusions are referred to as exceptions. A standard exception may be removed upon completion of an affidavit form or survey (depending on the exception) that has been issued by our company. Special exceptions list covenants, restrictions, easements, or other matters that specifically apply to your property and its use. After the examination team has confirmed that the seller has the right to transfer the property and typed up their commitment to ensure that all bases are covered, they send your file to our pre-closing team!

Pre-Closing Team

Our pre-closing team coordinates with your lender, agent, or attorney to schedule your closing. They are also in charge of verifying the accuracy of your paperwork, processing any earnest money, collecting any invoices, confirming that all loan conditions will be met (if applicable) and preparing your settlement statement. Once your settlement statement is finalized, our pre-closing team will send the information to your agent so that you are able to look through your statement prior to closing. If you are the seller, you will see a member of this team when you come in to sign your paperwork as they typically facilitate the signing of seller documents. Our pre-closers work alongside our Closing Team to guarantee that your transaction is handled with the utmost efficiency.

Closing Team

Our closing team is full of experts in addressing any last-minute issues with a calm demeanor and a great attention to detail. Much like the Pre-Closing Team, our closers work with lenders and agents to produce accurate settlement statements so that you are aware of your figures prior to closing. This is the team that handles the final stages of your transaction. They will sit down with you to explain all of the paperwork that you are signing at the closing table and answer any questions that you may have. They will notarize all legal documents to ensure that everything has been properly filled out so that the transfer of ownership is seamless. Our Closing Team is also responsible for collecting funds at closing from the buyer, and then accurately distributing funds to any parties involved with the transaction.

Post-Closing Team

The post-closing team conducts a detailed review of all legal documents that were signed at the closing table to confirm that everything was filled out properly. After the document review is complete, this team will take your deed, mortgage, and any other critical paperwork to the county recorder, making certain that the transfer of ownership is official in the public records. Post-closing is where any applicable policies are issued and delivered. Our post-closing team is in charge of confirming that all disbursements align with what was agreed upon at closing when you sign your settlement statement. If there are any overages, the Post-Closing Team will make sure that you are issued a refund check. This team is also responsible for making any deliveries or proceeds deposits as requested at closing.

Thank you!

At Boone-Central Title Company, our goal is to redefine the term excellence in the title industry. With a team full of unrivaled expertise, dedication, and genuine passion for our craft, we ensure that every transaction receives our utmost attention and urgency. It is our honor to assist you. We look forward to closing with you soon!

Boone-Central Title Company

Boone-Central Title Company is licensed to do the business of insurance in the State of Missouri.
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Boone-Central Title Company

Boone-Central Title Company is licensed to do the business of insurance in the State of Missouri.
© 2024 Boone-Central Title Company | Website design and development by Pixel Jam Digital
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