Bert Hughes, CEO, ext. 3022

Mary Jo Edmiston, COO, ext. 3028

Closing Department

Jodi Hardwick, ext. 3010

Laura Nauser, ext. 3029

Suzanne Ayers, ext. 3027

Ashtyn Ayers, ext. 3026

Amanda Heath, ext. 3023     

Cari Nichols, ext. 3031

Adam Reed, ext. 3030

Email [email protected]

Closing Assistants

Heidi Singer, ext. 3044

Barb Boillot, ext. 3046

Schedule a Closing

Email: [email protected]  


Carlene Atterberry, ext. 3011


Heidi Singer, ext. 3044

OPS Team

Rachel Scheffer, ext. 3015

Rate Quotes

Email [email protected]

Randolph County Office

Ashley Underwood, ext. 1000

Karen Wills, ext. 2000

Title Examiners/Title Questions

Jody Blythe, ext. 3012

Joe Benoit, ext. 3033

Research Department

Cara Wray, ext. 3032

Christine Sanders, ext. 3035

Paula Johnson, ext. 3036

Tim Wyatt, ext. 3039

Barbara Kilpatrick

Payton Colman, ext. 3047

Order Entry/Contracts

Email order[email protected]

Lender Info          

Email [email protected]

Final Policies

Stacey Canterbury, ext. 3014      

Front Desk

Cindy Falco, ext. 3025     


Rose Cole, ext. 3020

Business Development

Tonya Schleeter, ext. 3019      

Covenants & Restrictions

Email [email protected]

Boone-Central Title Company

Boone-Central Title Company is licensed to do the business of insurance in the State of Missouri.
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